Due to all of the physical changes during this current construction process, we have found it necessary to make some adjustments to the start of our school day in order to maintain student safety.

Breakfast will begin at 8:30am.  Students waiting for breakfast can gather and sit on the stairs in front of the blue dolphin wall.  

All entry gates will remain locked until 8:40am, when supervision begins duty.  

Students may enter campus at 8:40am, and should proceed to the new blacktop area.  We will continue to have our morning walking program, but in a much smaller area. The walking area will be marked by large cones.  All walkers will walk around the outside of the coned area.

When the bell rings at 8:50, grades 1-3, will line up on the blacktop on their individual teacher lines designated by class numbers on the orange lane lines of the bicycle course.  Grades 4-6 will walk safely and respectfully to their classrooms, and line-up outside their classroom. Their individual teachers will provide details about entering their classroom.

Kindergarten students will enter campus each morning, and immediately proceed to their classrooms.  Kinder rooms will be open starting at 8:40am.

“Late Start Monday” times:  Breakfast begins at 9:20, Gates open at 9:30, and the bell rings at 9:40 for the start of the school day.

If you have questions or concerns, please call the school office at 805-474-3000, x7280.

We thank you for your patience and your cooperation while we await completion of our new classrooms!